OctOOTD 10/29




What a special day it is. 10-29 has always held significance for me as it is my Mother’s birthday and a mothers birthday is not something to take lightly! It is because of their strength, sacrifice and very existence that we have the arduous privilege to walk this earth and therefore it is truly a day worth celebrating! Today, however, turned out to be very special for a different reason.

An unexpected nearly week-long trip out of town for work set me back a bit in way of fall joy and halloween spirit… I always try to partner my work-related frustrations with a healthy sense of gratefulness and achievement. I should be grateful for chances to learn, grow and succeed… I should be. Though I don’t always see it that way.

I got home just in time for the last weekend before halloween to really dive in the deep end and though I got off to a rocky start, allowing pangs of anxiety over come me, I eventually settled back in to my usual flow. What helps most is being able to spend some time with Britt – My boyfriend of nearly 5 years, by the way… I mention his name all the time though a proper introduction has probably gone amiss. At the end of the day, just getting to spend time with him feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. We are both so busy it’s difficult for our paths to cross. If it wasn’t for the fact that we lived together we would likely miss each other entirely for weeks on end!

Today, though, we sat together in the beautiful late-October sun and had a long lunch downtown, finally having the time to just sit and talk before grabbing coffees from Malaprops and heading to the Farmer’s Market to pick up more of our favorite jam. The WNC Farmers Market was pure magic today. The maple trees were glowing a bright, firey orange as if they were all delicately ablaze and gracefully shed their leaves like tiny floating embers. It was all in slow motion and filled every second and every ounce of my existence with the pure joy that only nature and good company could. Our lovely few hours together quickly came to an end as he had to run into work, but it was still exactly what I needed. Today is such a special day… a moment in time to mark the rebirth of my own happiness and sense of peace. A day to serve as a reminder of all the good that comes from sharing time and space with those we love and that we don’t have to tackle it all on our own.

So here I am, sadly unable to pay my mom a visit on her birthday but thinking of her still and allowing myself to relax today and to accept all that I can not change, because I’m not alone in any of this. Since I was out of town for about a week, I sadly fell very behind in OOTDS for this October, but here’s to finishing off this month strong! Here’s a little orange and black for you today and a little cameo from my favorite winter shoes! I just couldn’t resist.

Having to use my iphone again so sorry for the low quality…But it’s all about the clothes anyway, so who cares right??  Right! ❤

Outfit |Blouse, thrifted vintage burnt orange button up. Thrifted pleated black skirt. Old GAP black tights. Poetic Licence “Afternoon Tea” Boots.|



ootd: Read, White & Blue


Happy Independence Day to my fellow US-dwellers out there! Today is an infamous day of pure garishness. Americans dressed head to toe in our nation’s colors with flags, hats, noisemakers, fireworks and beer. Oh, and did I mention fireworks? Anyone out there with a pup understands why this could get a wee bit old, especially with an easily spooked little dear like Archer.  Continue reading “ootd: Read, White & Blue”

Brand Crush: Vintage Style Me

OK HELLO I’m pretty sure I have found my soul mate… and it is a handmade vintage-inspired clothing line based out of the UK. (Sorry, Britt)


I first discovered Vintage Style Me through instagram, and what a lovely discovery it was. Literally every bit and piece of this brand speaks directly to my heart from the adorable vintage-inspired silhouettes to the amazing yet subtle novelty prints (including a pretty great kitten print).

There are a lot of awesome vintage-inspired clothing lines emerging these days but there are two significant reasons Vintage Style Me is so particularly great in my eyes.

FIRST being that everything is handmade and that they are an ETHICAL option. Hell yes, thank you, goodnight. While I couldn’t find a lot of information on the subject through their website, I did poke around and find through articles and interviews with founder and designer Rhiannon Alexander, that they consciously source their fabric. In a 2014 interview on BeyondRetro.com, Rhiannon states the fabric they use “…is a mixture of vintage fabric; either old curtains or reclaimed vintage fabric or new fabric which we get from mills up north or warehouses in London.”

The second is their “design your own dress” option – this is not something I have seen anywhere else. Especially not with the incredible level to which you could go with customization. Everything from the print, to the silhouette to the trims and ribbons – all at your fingertips with a simple click! Honestly, it was almost too much for me, I was going weak in the knees with the overwhelming range of options all seemingly perfectly tailored to my taste. Did I mention everything is under 60 euros?

Being ethical and unique are the two most important and defining qualities I look for in a garment, so Vintage Style Me severely delivers. As a vintage fashion enthusiast who is NOT a talented seamstress, I am constantly in search of that next perfect collection that will perfectly define who I am or want to be and this is it!

So, I plan to make my first purchase here soon and I will be sure to do a post/review about it in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to support this awesome brand and hope they continue to grow and succeed because we need more clothing lines like this in the world. ❤

*all photos from vintagestyle.me




OOTD: handmade icecream


Collar: by Collarbone. Dress: vintage, 1960s. Shoes: “Dance it Up Heel” Modcloth. Socks: Topshop. *** 1 item is handmade, 1 is vintage, and 1 is second hand ❤

I always felt this 1960s pink mini dress would just be PERFECT if only it had an equally sweet collar. Thankfully this provided the perfect opportunity to wear this sweet detachable collar with embroidered ice cream cones and a baby pink gingham bow, handmade by myself and Lilly a couple years ago. We actually made quite a few of these under the name Collarbone and were selling them for a short period of time. It was so much fun getting to hang out and come up with the quirkiest, girliest ideas and bringing them to life… but aside from creating something adorable with a friend, I think perhaps the best part was getting to wear them when they were done!

I also finally got to wear my new-to-me oxford heels. Due to their very, very light shade of grey I have had some difficulty finding the right outfit to coordinate with these… I don’t typically go for monochromatic shoes (unless they are brown or black leather, of course),  especially in a color this light but I was eager to try something new and make it work! I felt this worked but I think in the future I’ll probably replace the laces to add a little more fun and hopefully get more use out of them. What can I say! I tried!

OOTD: Plaid & Pinafores

IMG_6867IMG_6873 2IMG_6876

As I have mentioned before, I have challenged myself this year to think about fashion differently. I’m trying to be a better friend to lady Earth by reducing waste, investing in quality pieces and buying more clothing second-hand. Without compromising my own personal style, I am trading the convenience of fast-fashion in for the thrill of the hunt! Though it can be challenging at times, I am ultimately feeling completely fulfilled and proud of the decisions and changes I have made. I have been focusing mostly on shopping second-hand  lately and this requires you to be a bit more dedicated to the hunt, ESPECIALLY when you have something specific in mind.

Lately, I have been searching day and night for the perfect pinafore. I am obsessed! Being that oxfords and knee-socks are already staples in my wardrobe, pinafores are a natural addition. I’ve been especially inspired by those of Miss Patina, like this for example but I am being pretty stubborn and would really much prefer it to be second-hand. It has been, however, quite the struggle for me and it’s times like these that I come SO close to breaking and just running into H&M because I know they will be there, in all their mass-produced glory! But I’m not ready to give up yet.

Though the hunt for the *perfect* pinafore continues, through those efforts I did recently acquire this sweet little plaid guy. It is a weeeee bit short (even for a shortie like me) but that didn’t stop me from sporting it out in the sunshine today along with this vintage blouse I’ve been itching to wear. It has eyelet-lace details on the collar & sleeves that just slay me with sweetness. Though spring has only just sprung and I am thoroughly enjoying it, this fall-baby couldn’t help but indulge in a little autumnal influence. It’s honestly year-round for me.

So, I welcome any leads or suggestions but in the mean time the search continues! ❤


Thankful for friends with style.


I think my favorite part of spring is the sensation of wonder that surrounds you. It’s like you’re living inside of a fairytale with the young and lush greenery, tiny chirping songs and the breeze carrying the natural perfumes of budding flowers. This day is particularly magical and I felt it best suited to enjoy it in this 1950s shirtwaist dress. It was given to me by my friend Lilly and it has grown to be one of my VERY favorites. It is the perfect weight to enjoy both the warm sunshine and cool breezes of springtime and it’s letter block print adds just enough whimsy to feel right at home in this wondrous weather. Also worn is a vintage wooden rocking horse brooch, vintage belt and of course my favorite Poetic Licence whiplash shooties (though you can barely see them through my quickly overgrown grass! thanks spring).

OOTD: scissor fright

This is a moody appreciation post for this awesome navy dress I snagged over a year ago at Twice Round Vintage in west Asheville. I’m always obsessed with these goofy over the top doily collars you find  on SO many 80s gems, but the dresses themselves are always WAY too long and I don’t love altering vintage finds. I’ll do it if it’s vital to saving a garment, but taking scissors to old clothing just makes me feel like I’m murdering history a little. Dramatic, I know, but I can’t help it!

So just imagine the delight in my short lil 5’2 soul when I saw this dress on the rack! When I inspected the hem it was clear that a good amount of the dress had been hacked off but outwardly the job was done very neatly, so I was sold. So thank you, whoever you are, that had the balls to do what I could not because I have ended up absolutely loving it. It’s got me thinking more about giving certain dresses a chance through alteration because let’s face it… just because it’s vintage doesn’t always make it cute. Certain silhouettes should have probably stayed buried and it’s a lot less likely for these pieces to be saved, sold, or even worn at all. So, perhaps I will be more open minded to altered vintage fashion (within reason…!!), especially if it could help save more clothing and aid in the great and wonderful recycle, reuse, repurpose life cycle.