OCTOOTD: 10/23


It’s been so long since I’ve had the time to sew up a new dress! I’m so, so happy to say however that I was able to steal away a few hours the other evening to put in The Craft (1996) and finally put this great teddy bear tapestry fabric to use! I was torn between making a two piece cropped tee and aline skirt and a pinafore but ultimately, as you can see, the pinafore won. Fall and winter are obviously the greatest seasons for layers and (in my opinion) a pinafore just begs to be layered with a good button up.

The amount of fabric I used probably cost me about $6 and it took under 2 hours to make! As you can see I haven’t hemmed it quite yet but I just got too excited to be bothered with it… I had to throw it on right away and snap some iPhone photos. Just look at it! The teddys! In clothes! and hats!

|Handmade dress, thrifted black blouse, old frilly ankle socks, clarks oxford heels|img_8784-2

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Are you tired of seeing handmade clothes yet? Hope not, ’cause I’m not sure I’ll be stopping any time soon! Inspired by so many runway trends, I felt drawn to the idea of a new dress featuring a black and gold star print. With fall soon approaching I also wanted to incorporate velvet. Combine that with a silly yet unavoidable desire for a proper sailor collar and we have this! Again, I have already put together so many outfits with this dress I could barely decide on one. Today I settled on this thrifted red bowler hat and my old red swedish hasbeen clogs. These are a summer-time favorite for me so I’ve been consciously squeezing them into my wardrobe lately before it gets too cold!

As for the dress itself, I chose this print from a fabric store (who am I, right?) but I did make use of repurposed fabric for the lining as well as the dark velvet ribbon I used as the necktie. It turned out nearly exactly as I pictured it and I can not wait to really put it to use this autumn with dark tights, pea coats and booties! Oh the possibilities!

|Bowler hat – thrifted, cherub pin – belonged to my late grandmother, dress – handmade – clog sandals – Swedish Hasbeens|

img_8602 img_8619 img_8630

OUTFIT: Hello September!


So when I originally planned this outfit and decided to blog about this dress, I thought I’d offer up two different ways I’d style it. A more playful, summer-time fun look like you see here, and also a more classic, romantic approach. I really wanted to emphasize how versatile this little cotton fit & flare is… but once I got outside in the summer heat and got my day started, I just COULD NOT fathom the idea of changing! It suited my mood and intention for this day so perfectly I simply couldn’t do it. So, perhaps I’ll do a “remix” of sorts with this dress some time in the future, but as for today, here we have it!

I really wanted to keep it simple and fun. Pulling out a fun novelty bag and a bright pair of sneakers is a great way to really dress down a look. I’ve already worn this dress a handful of times since making it last week and I absolutely love it. I’ve been practicing my sewing and construction A LOT and I finally felt comfortable to really take control and start designing (slightly) more complicated details. I am such a sucker for a dramatic collar so I just knew my time had come! I threw in an oversized pointed peterpan collar with a sailor back and sewed in a black satin bow tie, because, hello. The fabric is from vintage bedsheets I thrifted a few weeks back, along with these great high top red converse. Last but not least, my black cat bag is making an appearance! I foresee myself using this A LOT more in the coming weeks/months, but I couldn’t resist infusing a little fall vibes in there. It is, after all, my birthday month and the beginnings of my very favorite time of year! ❤


OOTD Handmade No.2


So as it turns out, learning to make my own clothing has become one of the most rewarding experiences! I’ve been trying to sew for most of my life but somehow it has only just recently clicked for me… I think my growing awareness of ethical fashion has been the catalyst I’ve been needing to properly motivate me. When you begin feeling the weight of guilt from the mystery that surrounds so much of our clothing it feels great to have actually been so intimately involved for once.

Through this new journey I’ve learned 3 key things:

  • Materials are everywhere! You just have to keep your creative senses tingling. The BEST way of sourcing fabric for me so far has been from upcycling curtains, sheets, etc. Both the outer and lining fabrics for this dress were vintage 1970s bedsheets that I thrifted for under $4. I also used vintage thread that my mom acquired for me from a yard sale YEARS ago. I hoard everything.
  • Patience and accuracy are crucial. I’m a bit all-over and everywhere when I’m deep in a creative frenzy. If I’m crafting or drawing or even playing music I don’t focus on perfection, I move intuitively and often quite messily, following whatever feels right. Sewing does NOT work this way! It requires precision, lots of measuring and the patience to execute with accuracy. While it’s freeing to create without worry, it’s also healthy to practice a more disciplined craft and honestly I think it’s been good for me.
  • Have some really good music to sew to! Seriously, as soon as my favorite songs came on I was doing my best work. Sometimes I need a really good distraction to help me get laser-focused. Sort of counterintuitive but it works for me!

So, here is my second dress that I have made. It cost me probably around $4 to make (with enough fabric left over to make several more skirts or tops) and it allowed me to up cycle materials as well as practice a new craft. Win / win / win!