OCTOOTD: 10/23


It’s been so long since I’ve had the time to sew up a new dress! I’m so, so happy to say however that I was able to steal away a few hours the other evening to put in The Craft (1996) and finally put this great teddy bear tapestry fabric to use! I was torn between making a two piece cropped tee and aline skirt and a pinafore but ultimately, as you can see, the pinafore won. Fall and winter are obviously the greatest seasons for layers and (in my opinion) a pinafore just begs to be layered with a good button up.

The amount of fabric I used probably cost me about $6 and it took under 2 hours to make! As you can see I haven’t hemmed it quite yet but I just got too excited to be bothered with it… I had to throw it on right away and snap some iPhone photos. Just look at it! The teddys! In clothes! and hats!

|Handmade dress, thrifted black blouse, old frilly ankle socks, clarks oxford heels|img_8784-2

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In true NC Mountain weather fashion, there seems to be a sort of summer revival happening around here. Though I had finally switched to heating my house last week, I have just as quickly had to switch it back to AC! But it’s all okay in my eyes because this sudden burst of warmth is only proving to postpone the end to this beautiful season. It’s as if the sun and the trees conspired to stay frozen in their half yellow / half orange picturesque glory with a few short days of summer heat. For me this meant trading in my big sweaters for a sweater tee and bearing bare legs! I’ll allow it…. for now.

|Sweater tee: old, American Apparel, Thrifted pleated red skirt, old F21 cut out oxfords|img_0145img_0143

Sage[esse] LOTD


This is a rather similar set of photos to my last post so I apologize in advance for my lack of creativity, here!  The truth is, I have been simply exhausted from my day job this week. I’m sure so many can relate to this sort of exhaustion… The kind that comes from hard work that doesn’t feel recognized, the hours that feel wasted and the emptiness you feel from a total lack of control… 

It’s no secret that a fulfilling career for a creative-type is hard to come by, so I keep that in mind and try to keep a realistic perspective. But your gut still knows when your potential isn’t being met and getting out of that rut feels so dire that you just want to run away right then and there with your bags packed and hop on the next train going wherever! 

Anyway, I guess what I’m getting at is I love having this blog as an outlet. If I could afford to quit my day job, run my vintage shop full time and just blog every day I would be the happiest girl in the world. Sadly that doesn’t seem possible for me right now so the time I do get to squeeze in buying for the shop, packing orders with care and snapping photos & writing a few words here and there is time I cherish. 

So, here is a quick look for today loosely reminiscent of Belle from Beauty & the Beast and I hope these quick photos will suffice because though I am just simply exhausted, I didn’t want to miss out on a chance to write here today. I’m finding that I really love sharing these bits and pieces and absolutely love having this outlet to do so. Fashion and personal style had always been a huge part of who I am and I get lost in fantasy when I begin putting together an outfit or dreaming up new coordinations. I’m just thankful to have this escape though I wish I would have started blogging so much earlier! ❤

OOTD Chameleon


I thought it was due time to change up the mood a bit over here… so even if it was rather dark and creepily on the verge of a massive thunderstorm (one Britt and I had to run through quickly back to the shelter of our car), you can’t actually tell from these photos, so I still get credit right?

I actually love summer thunder storms. They provide you with the perfect excuse to stay bundled up indoors with a movie, a book or a good project. It feels like nature’s way of letting you off the hook from all of those strange expectations we place on ourselves to stay outdoors all summer and lets you simply take a break, enjoying a bit of rest without guilt. Not to mention the fact that my kitties and dog start snoozing so sweetly as the daylight dims a bit and the thunder and rain rolls in so soothingly. It is the most calming feeling!

I was happy though to have been able to sneak in a bit of time at this Lake with Britt before the rain came. To be honest, my outfit today reminds me a bit of something you’d find in District 12 from The Hunger Games. Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing is yet to be determined, but I think I’m feeling it. I’ve been wanting for so long to wear these new-to-me poetic licence heels with their sweet velvet ribbons but they proved rather difficult to coordinate! Also making an appearance is this equally difficult to match vintage tapestry purse but some how, I threw on this dress this morning and it all just felt right.  At last! I love discovering pieces in my wardrobe that can be a “chameleon” and let me bring out some of my favorite accessories.


|vintage 1950s dress with new satin bow tie, vintage 1960s tapestry bowler purse, poetic licence heels|