OCTOOTD: 10/23


It’s been so long since I’ve had the time to sew up a new dress! I’m so, so happy to say however that I was able to steal away a few hours the other evening to put in The Craft (1996) and finally put this great teddy bear tapestry fabric to use! I was torn between making a two piece cropped tee and aline skirt and a pinafore but ultimately, as you can see, the pinafore won. Fall and winter are obviously the greatest seasons for layers and (in my opinion) a pinafore just begs to be layered with a good button up.

The amount of fabric I used probably cost me about $6 and it took under 2 hours to make! As you can see I haven’t hemmed it quite yet but I just got too excited to be bothered with it… I had to throw it on right away and snap some iPhone photos. Just look at it! The teddys! In clothes! and hats!

|Handmade dress, thrifted black blouse, old frilly ankle socks, clarks oxford heels|img_8784-2

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OOTD Handmade

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I have always been drawn to a more melancholic aesthetic… I find myself living directly on the line between elegant and eerie and this comes out a lot in my every day outfits. I love how darkness and romance can coexist in fashion and the magic that happens when they intertwine. I get lost in it, drunk with it all, seeking time and space to stay and live in it just a while longer. I think the best way I channel these inspiring spurts are through tiny details – a touch of velvet, a satin bow, or perhaps a textured lace blouse. These little elegant touches are what really add tinges of fantasy and timelessness to every day life and they come alive through fashion.

I have been particularly inspired as of late – I don’t know if these long summer days and growling dark thunderstorms are getting me more and more ready for fall, but I couldn’t help envisioning this look, every morning when I opened my closet and thumbed through my black dresses. However, none fit the image I had in my head… So, for some odd reason I felt compelled to try my hand at making my own. Six hours and 1 failed attempt later, I had this black cotton jumper. It isn’t perfect, but I’m proud all the same. It feels so good to learn a new craft and create something you love. Being involved every step of the way from choosing your fabric, to creating your pattern, to learning exactly how difficult it can be to install a zipper… it’s a rather accomplishing feeling and I’m not sure exactly where this inspiration came from but I’m so glad it came regardless.

Anyway, as for these photos I was going for some dark, victorian – graveyard vibes. Did I succeed? There were fireflies floating about stealing the focus away leaving me rather fuzzy but I actually wound up liking the obscurity of it all, so they’ll make their way here anyway ❤

|vintage thrifted lace blouse, handmade black jumper, one long black ribbon for my tie|