Just spent the day outdoors with Britt trying to tucker out the pup and wound up tuckering myself out too! I think I’ll be settling in now for the evening and do a bit of organizing in my office.

The days are getting shorter, crisper, cozier…. I want to soak up every moment of it and meet each new breath of fresh autumn air with a sip of hot coffee or a warm mug of apple cider. I just want to live within that sweet smell of cinnamon and nutmeg that continuously grows and grows seeping out from the oven. Love love love the season we find ourselves in!

Autumn is just so COZY. For that reason I’ve found myself reaching for more relaxed silhouettes, casual tops and loose layers the past few days. Today I resurfaced this plaid shift dress I got last year and layered it with this oversized lightweight utility jacket. Neither of these things do much for my figure but today I DIDNT CARE! It was loose and comfortable and it’s just how I felt best today, rompin’ around with the dog at the park.

Wore these with basic black tights and my two favorites, a red thrifted bowler and vintage lace up boots. img_9820img_9757img_9639


OUTFIT: Hello September!


So when I originally planned this outfit and decided to blog about this dress, I thought I’d offer up two different ways I’d style it. A more playful, summer-time fun look like you see here, and also a more classic, romantic approach. I really wanted to emphasize how versatile this little cotton fit & flare is… but once I got outside in the summer heat and got my day started, I just COULD NOT fathom the idea of changing! It suited my mood and intention for this day so perfectly I simply couldn’t do it. So, perhaps I’ll do a “remix” of sorts with this dress some time in the future, but as for today, here we have it!

I really wanted to keep it simple and fun. Pulling out a fun novelty bag and a bright pair of sneakers is a great way to really dress down a look. I’ve already worn this dress a handful of times since making it last week and I absolutely love it. I’ve been practicing my sewing and construction A LOT and I finally felt comfortable to really take control and start designing (slightly) more complicated details. I am such a sucker for a dramatic collar so I just knew my time had come! I threw in an oversized pointed peterpan collar with a sailor back and sewed in a black satin bow tie, because, hello. The fabric is from vintage bedsheets I thrifted a few weeks back, along with these great high top red converse. Last but not least, my black cat bag is making an appearance! I foresee myself using this A LOT more in the coming weeks/months, but I couldn’t resist infusing a little fall vibes in there. It is, after all, my birthday month and the beginnings of my very favorite time of year! ❤


Look Book-Love: Miss Patina SS 2016


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.17.18 PM.pngThe dreamy color palette and fantastical prints of Miss Patina are undoubtedly two parts of the brand that make them so special… I can’t get enough of the soft pastels intermixed with the dark, rich neutrals that bring 1950s London to mind. And don’t even get me started with their amazing summer collection sea shells and mer-cat motif! There are so many things about this brand that move me but I would have to say what inspires me most when looking through their Spring Summer 2016 look book, are their iconically tailored cuts and silhouettes. For me, a great print is only just that. To be fully inspired by a piece of clothing it has to tell me a story first with its shape. That is exactly what draws me in to vintage clothing and so naturally it’s what I’m always looking for with vintage-inspired fashions as well.

Needless to say, Miss Patina does this effortlessly. And best of all I spot silhouettes from several different decades that I personally LOVE, including a 1930s boat-neck with a tie and a 1960s-esque mock-neck mini dress (my personal favorite). Congratulations Miss Patina, you have captured my heart with your understated elegance, iconic silhouettes and your boldness in imagining a world where a cat could live under-water and actually getaway with it.  *heart eyes and tears for the rest of my existence*

Here are a few of my favorite looks, but click here for the full spread.

P.S. Did I mention they have a Miss Patina Cat Lover’s Community? Yep. Dead.