OctOOTD 10/29




What a special day it is. 10-29 has always held significance for me as it is my Mother’s birthday and a mothers birthday is not something to take lightly! It is because of their strength, sacrifice and very existence that we have the arduous privilege to walk this earth and therefore it is truly a day worth celebrating! Today, however, turned out to be very special for a different reason.

An unexpected nearly week-long trip out of town for work set me back a bit in way of fall joy and halloween spirit… I always try to partner my work-related frustrations with a healthy sense of gratefulness and achievement. I should be grateful for chances to learn, grow and succeed… I should be. Though I don’t always see it that way.

I got home just in time for the last weekend before halloween to really dive in the deep end and though I got off to a rocky start, allowing pangs of anxiety over come me, I eventually settled back in to my usual flow. What helps most is being able to spend some time with Britt – My boyfriend of nearly 5 years, by the way… I mention his name all the time though a proper introduction has probably gone amiss. At the end of the day, just getting to spend time with him feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. We are both so busy it’s difficult for our paths to cross. If it wasn’t for the fact that we lived together we would likely miss each other entirely for weeks on end!

Today, though, we sat together in the beautiful late-October sun and had a long lunch downtown, finally having the time to just sit and talk before grabbing coffees from Malaprops and heading to the Farmer’s Market to pick up more of our favorite jam. The WNC Farmers Market was pure magic today. The maple trees were glowing a bright, firey orange as if they were all delicately ablaze and gracefully shed their leaves like tiny floating embers. It was all in slow motion and filled every second and every ounce of my existence with the pure joy that only nature and good company could. Our lovely few hours together quickly came to an end as he had to run into work, but it was still exactly what I needed. Today is such a special day… a moment in time to mark the rebirth of my own happiness and sense of peace. A day to serve as a reminder of all the good that comes from sharing time and space with those we love and that we don’t have to tackle it all on our own.

So here I am, sadly unable to pay my mom a visit on her birthday but thinking of her still and allowing myself to relax today and to accept all that I can not change, because I’m not alone in any of this. Since I was out of town for about a week, I sadly fell very behind in OOTDS for this October, but here’s to finishing off this month strong! Here’s a little orange and black for you today and a little cameo from my favorite winter shoes! I just couldn’t resist.

Having to use my iphone again so sorry for the low quality…But it’s all about the clothes anyway, so who cares right??  Right! ❤

Outfit |Blouse, thrifted vintage burnt orange button up. Thrifted pleated black skirt. Old GAP black tights. Poetic Licence “Afternoon Tea” Boots.|




As I pretty much expected, I didn’t post at all while romping through Philadelphia with Britt this past week. Any time we travel we spend so much time immersing ourselves into the cities we visit, seeing every site, sitting in every park and trekking through every neighborhood scouting out the best coffee, beer and/or food in the area. We spend SO much time in the thick of it, there’s never any time left or energy left for documentation. We try and take a good photo here and there but we just spend so much of our time living and being present, it’s easy to forget. I’ve always been interested in daily blogging or even vlogging but I have such difficulty reminding myself to document it all! So, I had some hopes of staying active on the blog while I was gone but alas, I am who I am!

While it’s great to be able to look back on your life through photos and videos, it’s also really important to experience the now. BE PRESENT! Stop worrying about instagramming every day or snapping every moment, just live. With that being said, I don’t have the most exciting content to share on this post, but regardless here’s another OCT-OOTD tourist-style!

  • Navy blue American Apparel tennis skirt – I ended up wearing this nearly EVERY day and is quickly becoming a staple in my everyday wardrobe. Though we live in the mountains of North Carolina and have similar weather to the north, it was a bit chillier than expected when we first arrived in Philly and the weight of this skirt paired with basic black tights was perfect for the October chill.
  • Thrifted denim jacket with my “crying at the party” Stay At Home Club patch. Pretty much my favorite jacket these days.
  • DETECTED Skyrim t-shirt I snagged from an online shop over a year ago. The nerdiest t-shirt I own (not ashamed).
  • Yellow Kanken mini backpack with my cute little lace-kitty keychain Britt got me in Amsterdam. A small backpack like this is essential for travel, it goes with me everywhere.



Let me be the 15034283th person you see today to say I am SO happy it’s October! Pretty much everyone loves fall, I get it, but you really can’t say it’s all that mysterious of a concept… It is simply the best and I’m glad everyone loves it as much as I do. While I may not be sipping on PSL’s from starbucks every day (not vegan FYI!), I definitely go FULL ON FALL with my personal style. Bring on all the oxford shirts, knee socks and berets! (Let’s just pretend like I don’t actually wear those things year round, k?)

Point is, I have a bit of a 365/year fall fashion mindset so once October actually hits I finally wake up and feel JUST RIGHT. For me, this is when creativity is abundant, inspiration is everywhere, and life is sweet.

|Thrifted oxford, American Apparel navy tennis skirt, Clarks oxford heels, old beret and old f21 navy over the knee socks|


10 Fall ’16 Lines That Have Me Looking Ahead

Primarily of course I fancy myself a very DIY / thrift-haul type of fashionista (God, I hate that word) so a post containing couture run-way shots may feel a bit out of place here. But the truth is… I adore fashion in all its varying forms (although many of these forms could do with a better earth-consciousness…but I digress) and high fashion is no exception. So, although these FALL ’16 lines premiered much earlier this year, I found myself scanning through some of my favorite designers in my mid-late summer haze, dreaming of Fall and its incredible possibilities, searching for inspiration and a reason to carry on. Summer truly drains me. I’m much like my little Boston Terrier pup in that I simply can NOT take the heat! I’m paler-than-pale and love to layer, so I think that suffices to say Fall/Winter is my happy place.

So as I revisited these lines I couldn’t help but feel consumed with inspiration! Some of my favorite trends I’ve seen throughout the FALL 16 season have been the over-the-top use of embellishment from patches and embroidery to beads, the consistent mixing of textures with velvet and lace and OF COURSE, the clearly 1960s/1970s-inspired vibes peeking through in nearly every one of these collections.  I couldn’t help but share a few looks from my top 10 Fall ready-to-wear lines that have me looking ahead and onward to darker, colder days. Read on to enjoy some fall-fashion eye candy and count down the days with me ❤

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