Hooray, I almost didn’t make this in time for August but voila! I have a new brand to share with you all for this ol’ LookBook Love series: Meet GOLDEN PONIES. A Mexico-based shoe & handbag company providing you with handmade, customizable footwear at a highly affordable price.


With most styles offered between only $30 – $50, looking through the GoldenPonies website is a little TOO much fun. They have everything from brogues to ankle boots, all handmade to order and with a great variety of customized options.  I have GOT to get my

monk strap flat

hands on a pair of the adorable Biba Glitter Mary Janes heels (found pictured above in an adorable hot pink) and I’m like, pretty positive these black and white monk strap flats (pictured left) were created with ME in mind. Love them! The simple, classic designs matched with their unique choices of fabrications and colors make them the PERFECT accessory for a vintage-inspired wardrobe. I love that they offer classic neutrals alongside more daring and unique colors, like their holographic and glitter options. You can still get that great vintage-inspired shape with a little modern twist.

il_570xN.790538711_dyeoOf course my favorite part about this brand (which probably goes without saying if you have been following along for any length of time), is the ethical piece. While they may have a pretty unbelievably fair price tag, these are truly handmade to order and if you’re a vegan in need of some more options, they have tons of styles completely free of animal products. Leather is used in some of the styles and you can of course find more details on the materials used through each individual listing on their Etsy page , but overall this is a great resource for unique, vintage-inspired vegan footwear (for vegans and non-vegans alike!)

So go ahead and check out this awesome brand, either at their Etsy page or their website! When I finally narrow down my choices I’ll be making my first purchase here soon, so look out for a review hopefully some time soon! ❤





10 Fall ’16 Lines That Have Me Looking Ahead

Primarily of course I fancy myself a very DIY / thrift-haul type of fashionista (God, I hate that word) so a post containing couture run-way shots may feel a bit out of place here. But the truth is… I adore fashion in all its varying forms (although many of these forms could do with a better earth-consciousness…but I digress) and high fashion is no exception. So, although these FALL ’16 lines premiered much earlier this year, I found myself scanning through some of my favorite designers in my mid-late summer haze, dreaming of Fall and its incredible possibilities, searching for inspiration and a reason to carry on. Summer truly drains me. I’m much like my little Boston Terrier pup in that I simply can NOT take the heat! I’m paler-than-pale and love to layer, so I think that suffices to say Fall/Winter is my happy place.

So as I revisited these lines I couldn’t help but feel consumed with inspiration! Some of my favorite trends I’ve seen throughout the FALL 16 season have been the over-the-top use of embellishment from patches and embroidery to beads, the consistent mixing of textures with velvet and lace and OF COURSE, the clearly 1960s/1970s-inspired vibes peeking through in nearly every one of these collections.  I couldn’t help but share a few looks from my top 10 Fall ready-to-wear lines that have me looking ahead and onward to darker, colder days. Read on to enjoy some fall-fashion eye candy and count down the days with me ❤

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Look Book Love: Act Three Apparel

What can I say about this Canada-based clothing line? I believe their look book says it all:  Vintage-inspired dresses with a nouvelle vague feel and collars and ties ‘a plenty! How could I resist the classic, story-book silhouettes and crisp, textured fabrics? Oh, and Act Three specializes in petite sizing. This brand and their S/S 16 was clearly destined to make it’s way into this series one way or another!

This collection leaves me dreaming up long, warm afternoons of curling up under a big oak tree with a good book and scribbling notes and drawings in my journal.  It emmits romance cut with good dose of melancholy creating the dreamiest, poetic aire. These dresses make subtle, yet powerful statements and I love the versatility the collection offers for summer with dresses like the May – sans the collar and sleeves to let the summer sun hit your shoulders a bit. 

Most of all, I adore the fact that these dresses all have a wonderful timelessness and class to them. As a woman just beginning her mid-late 20s, I’ve been feeling like I’m in this fashion “grey area” between styles that may be too young or too old for me but styles like these are always just right, combining cheekiness and modesty harmoniously. 

See the entire S/S 16 look book here!

I ordered myself the Rosemary dress and eagerly await its arrival! Stay tuned for a review ❤

OOTD: Duck on ducks and Review



IMG_6189IMG_6243VOILA! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this dress for some time. You may recall a month or so ago, I wrote up a Look Book Love post for the UK based brand Vintage Style Me. I fell in love and wanted to dig in and try out a dress right away! So I went ahead and ordered the Duck Print Sailor Dress. 1 month later, it has arrived!

So let me start off by saying… I do love this dress. I love that it’s handmade, that it’s 100% cotton and I adore the overall theme with the nautical collar and duck print. It feels like something straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, like many of their designs, and I adore it. In the interest of providing a helpful review, however, I’ll go into more positive and some negative details below! ❤ Continue reading “OOTD: Duck on ducks and Review”

Brand Crush: Vintage Style Me

OK HELLO I’m pretty sure I have found my soul mate… and it is a handmade vintage-inspired clothing line based out of the UK. (Sorry, Britt)


I first discovered Vintage Style Me through instagram, and what a lovely discovery it was. Literally every bit and piece of this brand speaks directly to my heart from the adorable vintage-inspired silhouettes to the amazing yet subtle novelty prints (including a pretty great kitten print).

There are a lot of awesome vintage-inspired clothing lines emerging these days but there are two significant reasons Vintage Style Me is so particularly great in my eyes.

FIRST being that everything is handmade and that they are an ETHICAL option. Hell yes, thank you, goodnight. While I couldn’t find a lot of information on the subject through their website, I did poke around and find through articles and interviews with founder and designer Rhiannon Alexander, that they consciously source their fabric. In a 2014 interview on BeyondRetro.com, Rhiannon states the fabric they use “…is a mixture of vintage fabric; either old curtains or reclaimed vintage fabric or new fabric which we get from mills up north or warehouses in London.”

The second is their “design your own dress” option – this is not something I have seen anywhere else. Especially not with the incredible level to which you could go with customization. Everything from the print, to the silhouette to the trims and ribbons – all at your fingertips with a simple click! Honestly, it was almost too much for me, I was going weak in the knees with the overwhelming range of options all seemingly perfectly tailored to my taste. Did I mention everything is under 60 euros?

Being ethical and unique are the two most important and defining qualities I look for in a garment, so Vintage Style Me severely delivers. As a vintage fashion enthusiast who is NOT a talented seamstress, I am constantly in search of that next perfect collection that will perfectly define who I am or want to be and this is it!

So, I plan to make my first purchase here soon and I will be sure to do a post/review about it in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to support this awesome brand and hope they continue to grow and succeed because we need more clothing lines like this in the world. ❤

*all photos from vintagestyle.me




Look Book-Love: Miss Patina SS 2016


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.17.18 PM.pngThe dreamy color palette and fantastical prints of Miss Patina are undoubtedly two parts of the brand that make them so special… I can’t get enough of the soft pastels intermixed with the dark, rich neutrals that bring 1950s London to mind. And don’t even get me started with their amazing summer collection sea shells and mer-cat motif! There are so many things about this brand that move me but I would have to say what inspires me most when looking through their Spring Summer 2016 look book, are their iconically tailored cuts and silhouettes. For me, a great print is only just that. To be fully inspired by a piece of clothing it has to tell me a story first with its shape. That is exactly what draws me in to vintage clothing and so naturally it’s what I’m always looking for with vintage-inspired fashions as well.

Needless to say, Miss Patina does this effortlessly. And best of all I spot silhouettes from several different decades that I personally LOVE, including a 1930s boat-neck with a tie and a 1960s-esque mock-neck mini dress (my personal favorite). Congratulations Miss Patina, you have captured my heart with your understated elegance, iconic silhouettes and your boldness in imagining a world where a cat could live under-water and actually getaway with it.  *heart eyes and tears for the rest of my existence*

Here are a few of my favorite looks, but click here for the full spread.

P.S. Did I mention they have a Miss Patina Cat Lover’s Community? Yep. Dead.