OCT-O-O-T-D: 10/3


HELLUR! Again! As you may or may not have noticed by the title, I’m going to try my hand at infusing a little EXTRA EXTRA into this blog this month, my very favorite month, with more activity chock FULL of outfit posts. Welcome to OCT-O-O-T-D #2! I’m not going to pretend like I’ll be doing this every day, because while I would LOVE to have the opportunity to share my outfits on the daily, that sadly would not be realistic for my busy/boring/but busy adult life. I will definitely be trying my best to post every other day or atleast every other-other day, that ok? Good. I also thought this would be a really good opportunity to see how often I repeat and remix certain pieces without actually devoting an entire post to it, ya know?

So, moving on to the actual outfit, I guess you may have caught on by now that I have a rather dark wardrobe but I LIVE for pops of color. One of my very favorite trends I spotted on the F/W runways this year were the bright opaque tights, always in the most  unexpected colors that just made the look. These have already been a favorite accessory of mine so I have been jumping at the opportunity to incorporate them as much as possible! So, today I’ve got some neutral staples like my vintage lace up boots, thrifted blouse, black pleated skirt and black bowler hat with some bright yellow opaque tights (from Gap probably 6 years ago??) and some blue liquid lipstick. Yasss. Oh, and of course my black cat  novelty bag for some spookfactor.

In other news, I’m heading to Philadelphia for a few days with my guy on Wednesday but I hope to continue OCT-O-O-T-D while I’m there, though the photos may be a bit less formal and more camera-phoney. We’ll see! Also, snapchatters out there, find me on snapchat at jackiezulli for more snips and snaps throughout the day of my animals and vegan food, mostly, if you’re into that sort of thing. Thanks for reading! ❤img_9246img_9298


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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