Let me be the 15034283th person you see today to say I am SO happy it’s October! Pretty much everyone loves fall, I get it, but you really can’t say it’s all that mysterious of a concept… It is simply the best and I’m glad everyone loves it as much as I do. While I may not be sipping on PSL’s from starbucks every day (not vegan FYI!), I definitely go FULL ON FALL with my personal style. Bring on all the oxford shirts, knee socks and berets! (Let’s just pretend like I don’t actually wear those things year round, k?)

Point is, I have a bit of a 365/year fall fashion mindset so once October actually hits I finally wake up and feel JUST RIGHT. For me, this is when creativity is abundant, inspiration is everywhere, and life is sweet.

|Thrifted oxford, American Apparel navy tennis skirt, Clarks oxford heels, old beret and old f21 navy over the knee socks|



Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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