OOTD: Oui ou Non, Totally Slow



IMG_7548I make it a point in all aspects of my life to be more grateful + less wasteful, but the most important change I have made so far has been with my clothing habits. I shop… a lot. As soon as I realized the potential impact my carelessness and ignorance could have on the world I decided to make some immediate changes. So, I broke up with “fast fashion” earlier this year (soon after I began this blog) and I’m very happy to report that I am still 100% behind  and committed to this decision…

Every so often I’ll splurge on a new dress from clothing lines I trust (though it can get a bit pricy), but the best way I have been able to stay on course has been through second-hand shopping. This is probably no surprise seeing as how I have basically LIVED in thrift stores since I was 13, always rummaging for vintage finds or uniquely bizarre pieces no one else will have. Needless to say the transition for me wasn’t terribly difficult but relying solely on second hand options can feel a bit daunting! But, truthfully… I have been completely satisfied with shopping this way. I honestly haven’t felt compelled to even step foot inside most fast-fashion big-wigs like F21 or H&M. So, for fun I thought I’d share a completely slow-fashioned look.

| hat: thrifted // collar: handmade // blouse: thrifted // backpack & pins: thrifted // MUDD mary jane heels: thrifted // AA skirt: thrifted // socks: ok not thrifted…  but I’ve had these for a few years! |







Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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