Snapshot Diary: 7/16/16



  1. I headed to the lake again to snap a few photos but of course as soon as I pulled out the camera, it began to downpour. Though the timing wasn’t great and the experience was brief, it was absolutely beautiful. The one good photo I was able to grab perfectly captured the way the rain fell lightly on the surface of the lake and how dreamily hazy the small mountains around us became. It was a perfect moment… and then I ran like hell to my car. After which I drove about town dipping in and out of the rain grabbing coffee, running errands and doing a quick thrift-trip.
  2. This quick braid-like thing I threw together this morning proved to be the most perfect summer-rain-day hair style. I have extremely thick and truly unruly hair that I cannot even begin to explain to you. As soon as there is even the slightest threat of humidity in the air it quickly  becomes the most hideous thing you can imagine. Add in actual rain + mid-summer heat and it’s a disaster… but somehow this messy braid (which is actually just two small rope braids tied together, then 3 small ponytails flipped inside out then pulled gently apart) held up swimmingly. I mean, it went from being completely soaked to drying out at least 3 separate occasions before snapping this picture. Try it out!
  3. As it turns out Goodwill is not the place you want to end up on a rainy Saturday. Unless you enjoy huge crowds filled with grumpy, rain-drenched humans. But I did snag this great sage green 1930’s-y blouse, so I deem the 20 minute line worth it all.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, especially if it’s as rainy near you as it is me! ❤

I also wanted quickly to share that I am recently just getting myself into the habit of utilizing BlogLovin’. I tend to follow blogs and read through the WordPress reader, but I definitely see the benefits of BL, so I’m working on it. So if you use it all well and follow me through WP, please go ahead and give me a follow over there too! I’ve been slowly finding my way to all of you as well! ❤


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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