Rosemary: ootd & review

Happy mail day from Victoire Boutique! Like I mentioned in my Look Book Love post last week featuring Act Three apparel, I ordered myself the Rosemary dress and I could not wait to get my hands on it.

First impressions: it’s much more lightweight than I had expected! Also a lot more stretch to the fabric as well. Both of these elements create a lovely level of wearability and it is sooo soft and comfy for Summer. Not to mention the boldness of the red! I see myself wearing this all summer and a bit into fall as well.

Now, the fit! I make do with dresses from all different makers, but it sure does feel good to wear something designed with the petite figure in mind. The fit is as impeccable as I had hoped. As usual I am always a bit nervous about my bust with button down tops, stretching the buttons apart or suffocating me at the neckline – but this isn’t an issue at all here.  In fact, because the material has so much stretch I really could have ordered a size down. But I do prefer things to be a bit looser, especially in summer so I love it all the same.  (For reference my bust is 36″, my waist 29″ and I ordered a size 10)

I was really looking forward to a more creative photo series for this dress but I ended up getting very absorbed into creative projects around the house (including learning how to construct my own dress!) so I hope yet another shoot in my ivy-filled backyard will suffice. ❤

| Wool bowler hat – H&M, purchased second hand, vintage lace up black boots |


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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