Look Book Love: Act Three Apparel

What can I say about this Canada-based clothing line? I believe their look book says it all:  Vintage-inspired dresses with a nouvelle vague feel and collars and ties ‘a plenty! How could I resist the classic, story-book silhouettes and crisp, textured fabrics? Oh, and Act Three specializes in petite sizing. This brand and their S/S 16 was clearly destined to make it’s way into this series one way or another!

This collection leaves me dreaming up long, warm afternoons of curling up under a big oak tree with a good book and scribbling notes and drawings in my journal.  It emmits romance cut with good dose of melancholy creating the dreamiest, poetic aire. These dresses make subtle, yet powerful statements and I love the versatility the collection offers for summer with dresses like the May – sans the collar and sleeves to let the summer sun hit your shoulders a bit. 

Most of all, I adore the fact that these dresses all have a wonderful timelessness and class to them. As a woman just beginning her mid-late 20s, I’ve been feeling like I’m in this fashion “grey area” between styles that may be too young or too old for me but styles like these are always just right, combining cheekiness and modesty harmoniously. 

See the entire S/S 16 look book here!

I ordered myself the Rosemary dress and eagerly await its arrival! Stay tuned for a review ❤


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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