ootd: Read, White & Blue


Happy Independence Day to my fellow US-dwellers out there! Today is an infamous day of pure garishness. Americans dressed head to toe in our nation’s colors with flags, hats, noisemakers, fireworks and beer. Oh, and did I mention fireworks? Anyone out there with a pup understands why this could get a wee bit old, especially with an easily spooked little dear like Archer. 

Despite all of these things you can’t help but enjoy this day! I think about the years I spent barbecuing with my family on the beach, and laying in the sand watching fireworks erupt above us all (always somewhat fearful of them falling directly on top of me!). Though I find myself living far from the ocean now and I see explosions of light trickle down amongst the Blue Ridge Mountain skyline instead, it’s all welcome and any excuse to take a day to spend with friends and family is a good one.

So for the fun of it all I thought I’d throw together a Fourth-inspired OOTD… of course, however, my way featuring this backless denim dress by Caitlin Michelle and my favorite red-read, The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. As a big fan of dark fairytales and fantasy, I was instantly eager to read this book. Needless to say it didn’t disappoint one bit and I’ve read it a few times over the last few years since. I highly recommend it if you’re seeking a healthy dose of whimsy with some time to kill.

Also worth noting is this easy pull-through braid as seen on a tutorial by Rebecca on her blog A Clothes Horse. Though I may have one-too-many layers for this level of pancaking, I adore a quick and simple hairstyle and I will definitely keep this one in my bag of tricks. (If you try  for yourself, just make sure you have a good number of elastics on hand!)

So all you Americans out there, go have fun and spend your night with a good beer in one hand and a sparkler in the other! Or quietly enjoy yourself and your independence at home with a book. Either way, I’ll be doing a good bit of both! ❤

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Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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