Happily-Homemade: Dry Shampoo!

DIY natural dry shampoo for brunettes


Let me preface this by saying I don’t intend on writing a lot of beauty-related content on this blog. However this is one of my very favorite natural DIY beauty recipes and just couldn’t resist sharing! Consider this type of thing the “slow fashion” of hair-care… after all, it’s better for the environment and it’s better for you!

IMG_7437Every so often I become obsessed with the idea of making all my own beauty products. The satisfaction of making something with your own hands and know-how is just too great for me to ignore. However, just as quickly as this phase creeps over me, it is then passing again as I am confronted with the facts: unless you’re making in bulk, the ingredients can get pricy and you don’t always have the right equipment. SO, I move on and onto other great companies and individuals who I can trust to make a great product and over time scoop out my jars upon jars of homemade-this-or-that that just weren’t cutting it.

However through my trials and tribulations there actually were a few things that stuck! So here it is, happily-homemade dry shampoo, nix the aerosol can and harmful chemicals.

FullSizeRender 3

2 TBS arrowroot + 2 TBS cocoa powder + 5 drops lavender oil

Combine all your ingredients into a jar and it’s ready. Something glass that seals nicely is ideal to avoid any messes or moisture creeping in and it’s of course an added bonus that this is a zero waste situation. Think about how many cans of dry shampoo you’ve gone through in your life compared to this ONE jar. Seriously, think about it.

… and that is it! That is literally everything. It’s also 100% effective and doesn’t leave your hair covered in residue like most dry shampoos do. The cocoa powder is there to help out the brunettes but if you have blonde hair you just substitute the cocoa powder for more arrow root and you’re golden.

FullSizeRender 4

It is best applied with a make up brush. I use an old bronzing brush and it works perfectly! (try not to go out there and buy a new one, you can so easily repurpose one laying around your house) Just make sure you designate one specifically for your dry shampoo and not use it again for your face. That probably goes without saying.FullSizeRender 5

Just dab into your jar, tap it once to remove any excess powder and apply directly to your roots. It will immediately absorb into the oil of your hair but if you feel you can still see powder, just keep dabbing with the brush and it will blend. Eventually it will be completely invisible. FullSizeRender 2

Pretty easy!

  • I found this recipe from wellsnessmama.com – this is an awesome resource for natural home-made alternatives, in case you haven’t happened upon her blog yet. Here is the original post for some more information/instructions.


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