OOTD: Spooky Kitty Bag. Is it really only June??




Kitty-shaped cross body comin atcha!

You can’t fit much in it… and when you take it off the kitty will flip upside down and with it all the tiny contents of your teeny tiny purse (if you forget to zip – like I always do), but it sure is cute and I’d say worth the trouble! Novelty purses come with a few extra hurdles to get through but I just love me a good statement piece. Especially on a lazy-outfit day like this. It was a very hot southern summer day in North Carolina so I opted out of a clingy blouse and swapped in an old cut off cotton black tee instead to go with my prep school skirt and swedish hasbeens clog sandals. I felt a bit average today but my little cat guy definitely helped! Also, I couldn’t resist a good fall-inspired outfit even if Summer has only just begun… Is it bad that I’m SO ready for it to hurry up and move on to Autumn? Bring on the crisp breeze, falling leaves and pumpkin-themed errthang, please!

Tee and Skirt: thrifted

Sandals: Swedish Hasbeens

Black Cat bag: purchased second hand but you can also find it here


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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