I have always loved this old castle-lookin’ building but just today I discovered a small sub-level park right out front. It was magical and lush and offered a new perspective of this property I never thought was even possible. I adored the way the sun peeked in and illuminated the greenery that surrounded me providing an atmosphere that was equal parts serene and intense. I felt at home here, like I was simply en route.

I have always longed to be surrounded by scenes like this. I ache for it at my very core as if I spent many lives this way before. I satiate this longing through books, movies and art and try to lose myself in the stories. UK friends, this scenery is probably more or less the norm for you but let it be known I am filled with envy! The American landscape, though beautiful in its’ own right, lacks a physical history as deep as many others in the world and though I adore these mountains I live in, I have actually always had dreams of living across the pond.

This life is a mystery, though, and my path feels extremely uncertain in the best way possible. There are so many dreams growing between Britt and I each day it’s amazing they even fit inside our noggins, it’s almost time for them to be realized, I can feel it! Anyway, this incredibly sweet, quiet nook felt unaffected by the constraints of time and space and provided me a very introspective, fulfilling and nurturing moment to feel the weight of it all. Pretty great stuff, I think I’ll be back.


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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