OOTD & “Whurl” review


A mock-neck,a pleated skirt, and a mod polyester bodice all came together to create one divine dress! I have been trying to add more 1960s mod style into my wardrobe so this was an amazing find for me and I am absolutely in love. I bought this dress on Whurl – a vintage marketplace app for iPhone. I’ve been using this app for a while, I even have a few items listed there, but it was only just recently that I made my first purchase.

What makes Whurl so special is it not only provides a platform for vintage enthusiasts where you can search and shop, there is actually a backwards compatible aspect that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Vendors can actually bring their listings to you. You just create a post describing what you’re looking for and other users can reply with listings matching your needs. I LOVE this, both as a vendor AND a shopper.

Although you can find frocks from pretty much any decade in or before the 1990s, this app is a HAVEN for 1960s-1970s treasure. There are a handful of dresses I’m keeping my eye on right now, but I started out with this one from user Lexycmb as well as another 1960s diddy from Whurl founder – and super adorable vintage queen – Sam. But that one will have to wait for another post!

All in all, I WILL definitely be shopping from Whurl again in the future. There is an incredible selection and it definitely fills a need for the modern vintage community. The app itself is very cute and easy to use and all payments go through Paypal making it safe and simple. The only thing I’d have to say to anyone who is a bit impatient like I am, is after making a purchase there isn’t any timeline or message/email notifying you that your item has shipped so you really don’t know when to expect it. I also couldn’t find anything in the FAQ concerning shipping, either. However, I did receive both my items quickly and safely – so truly, no complaint here, in fact I highly recommend all vintage enthusiasts to give it a whirl! (too much?)

In other news, Britt is gone away in Europe presently and I am a bit of a solo bird these afternoons before I head to work, so I took this outfit out on a coffee date downtown with my BFF – aka my Boston Terrier, Archer. We soaked up the nearly-summer sunshine while I sipped my nitro iced coffee and he received many pets from friendly strangers. I love my little city and I love my little parter-in-crime. He unfortunately will not be making an appearance in this ootd photo series, as he was passed out in the shade of our magnolia tree the entire time, watching me but decidedly not participating no matter how many times I asked!


Dress: vintage 1960s-70s, found on Whurl

Shoes: thrifted, vintage 1980s leather buckled flats

Belt: thrifted, vintage leather belt

Socks: F21, have had these forever


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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