OOTD: secret garden

IMG_4859 (1)

Having a bit of a gothic – secret – garden moment, over here.

Dress + knee socks or tights + boots…. this formula is QUITE familiar to me. These are my every day “staples” and what I’m most comfortable in, so I find myself naturally building outfits this way almost every morning. At times it can become feeling a bit routine and, well, formulaic. But I love how even though the basic ingredients stay the same, you can create completely different feelings and projections of a story utilizing different colors, textures and details. I basically have two modes: sweet, soft pastel angel; and all-black-everything-forever-and-always-ps-I-hate-everyone. Honestly, it changes day-to-day.

That’s one thing I find so inspiring about Lolita Fashion – it can be as angelic or as creepy as you’d like, all the while remaining absolutely sweet and doll-like. I definitely felt a little Gothic-Lolita inspiration when I thrifted this dress. It has a very victorian doll feel including a high frilly neck-line, puffed sleeves and a tie in the back. It is because of finds like this that I can’t stop thrifting! Blame the dress!

I opted for my victorian-esque lace up boots I scored at an antique shop several years ago (though I didn’t grab a good picture, unfortunately) and my very favorite vintage bag – all in black. The victorian inspiration had me wanting to watch The Secret Garden, big time! Especially with the lush vines and ivy taking over my surroundings!

IMG_4872 (1)IMG_4874 (1)IMG_4885 (1)IMG_4886 (1)IMG_4888 (1)



Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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