Brand Crush: Vintage Style Me

OK HELLO I’m pretty sure I have found my soul mate… and it is a handmade vintage-inspired clothing line based out of the UK. (Sorry, Britt)


I first discovered Vintage Style Me through instagram, and what a lovely discovery it was. Literally every bit and piece of this brand speaks directly to my heart from the adorable vintage-inspired silhouettes to the amazing yet subtle novelty prints (including a pretty great kitten print).

There are a lot of awesome vintage-inspired clothing lines emerging these days but there are two significant reasons Vintage Style Me is so particularly great in my eyes.

FIRST being that everything is handmade and that they are an ETHICAL option. Hell yes, thank you, goodnight. While I couldn’t find a lot of information on the subject through their website, I did poke around and find through articles and interviews with founder and designer Rhiannon Alexander, that they consciously source their fabric. In a 2014 interview on, Rhiannon states the fabric they use “…is a mixture of vintage fabric; either old curtains or reclaimed vintage fabric or new fabric which we get from mills up north or warehouses in London.”

The second is their “design your own dress” option – this is not something I have seen anywhere else. Especially not with the incredible level to which you could go with customization. Everything from the print, to the silhouette to the trims and ribbons – all at your fingertips with a simple click! Honestly, it was almost too much for me, I was going weak in the knees with the overwhelming range of options all seemingly perfectly tailored to my taste. Did I mention everything is under 60 euros?

Being ethical and unique are the two most important and defining qualities I look for in a garment, so Vintage Style Me severely delivers. As a vintage fashion enthusiast who is NOT a talented seamstress, I am constantly in search of that next perfect collection that will perfectly define who I am or want to be and this is it!

So, I plan to make my first purchase here soon and I will be sure to do a post/review about it in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to support this awesome brand and hope they continue to grow and succeed because we need more clothing lines like this in the world. ❤

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Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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