ootd: iridescent doll

Long time, no post! I got sort of sucked in to a slew of no-fun day job shenanigans including a work trip out of town then soon-after attended the Shaky Knees music festival with Britt in Atlanta, so I have been a busy bee buzzing around this month with no time to sit my busy-butt down and type out words on a keyboard apparently! I think I have finally taken enough time away to refresh so, here I am. OH and I chopped off some hair! About 12 inches, in fact.

So speaking of Shaky Knees… it was an absolute blast. I am not necessarily the “festival” type, but I definitely make an exception for this particular one due to their awesome line-ups thus far. Some stand outs for me this year were Explosions in the Sky (I died), Nothing, Slowdive (came back just to die again), Wild Nothing, the Decemberists and The Dear Hunter – so, so great. As a music fan, I am in love with the entire experience of seeing artists live. I just soak in every moment and when it’s music you already have such a strong connection to – there’s just nothing like it! I don’t even want to know how much money I have spent on going to shows since my early teens, but it doesn’t even matter because it has and will remain to be one of my favorite human experiences and I refuse to give it up! Anyway, it was very fun and if you have ever considered going, I highly recommend it.

So after a long, HOT, dirty fesitval-y weekend, this perfect dress was waiting for me in the mail from Applecorvintage (ig) when we got home and I am in love! Honestly I was having withdrawals and any dainty frock would have done but YESSS, this dress delivered. I also happened to fall victim to the obsession that is novelty purses and snagged this iridescent unicorn clutch from vinted along with some baby blue jellies and I love how it works together! I feel like an iridescently pastel neon baby doll. …Is that even possible?? I say yes, because *unicorns*. ❤


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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