Style Tweaks for Adventure Time


Fact: My climbing, crawling, skipping and jumping days are NO WHERE near behind me.

Despite the fact that I’m in a dress and lipstick approximately 98% of the time, I am very, very much the adventuring type. I love being out in the woods, romping around over mossy stones and hopping across babbling creeks and living in the mountains provides me with endless opportunity for adventure. So, over the years I have had time to meet in the middle with my “practical” side and develop my own adventure-time wardrobe without compromising my own personal style.

So FIRST, just wear what makes you feel like you! For me, this would be a loose dress and tights on a mild adventure. The important thing here, though, is make sure you choose an article of clothing that’s easy to wash and you wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty. CHECK! This go ’round I wore a very Wes Anderson, Suzy Bishop-inspired baby doll dress in a mustard yellow.

BOOTS! Here is where practicality is important. Obviously you aren’t gonna want to drag out some cute heels into the woods but vintage boots are the next best thing. For me, a good pair of neutral lace up leather boots are my go-to. CHECK!

BEST OF ALL, the most important adventure time accessory… your bag! This is simply not the time for a cute little purse, I’m sorry to tell you. But a cute little backpack? CHECK! I always opt for a backpack for play time. It’s big enough to hold your camera, phone, lipstick, etc. without getting in the way. It leaves your arms free and able for climbing trees, eating honeysuckle or picking flowers. This vintage ’90s bag had me at first sight and I could not wait to take it out for a spin. And the colors? Perfectly suited for my Wes Anderson-inspiration.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too girly for a proper day of exploration, you should never have to dull yourself down just to “look the part”. Go out and have some fun and look cute doing it!



Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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