OOTD: Match made

This 1940s blue gingham dress and my grandmother’s hat = ❤

My grandma passed away over 10 years ago but I still think of her all the time.. even though it may send my heart a flutter with pangs of sadness at times, her memory also provides me with comfort and love. She was a fair skinned, small statured woman that I can relate to with ease – in fact, in many ways I resemble her so much more than my own mother (I could have only dreamed of acquiring her long legs!). She was an incredible woman in so many ways and her sweet, understated sense of style was only one of the things I keep with me in my memories of her. I have a few select items of hers that I have held on to over the years… some jewelry, a few dainty scarves… but best of all, this hat. THIS very hat which she kept with her always. I recall it sitting delicately in the back seat of her car in case she may need safe keeping from unexpected sun rays while running errands or strolling with me through the streets of west hampton. Due to illness she was extra sensitive to the sun so a good hat with a strong brim was more to her than a simple statement of style… it was necessity, but it also became something of an icon for me. So, of course I held on tight to this hat and I usually have it hanging up where I can easily gaze at it and let her memory warm me when I need it.

However, today was the day that I thought I’d take it out for a spin and there was never a dress more perfect to compliment, than this 1940s navy blue gingham dress. I love everything about it from its’ simple cut neckline to the subtle details of the large faced buttons down the skirt. I think this is a silhouette I’ll have to be on the look out for in the future! Best of all though, this pairing makes me feel like I’m breathing life back into this seemingly simple object. It means so much more to me than meets the eye and I’m just so pleased to put it to good use again. I love that vintage clothing always has some sort of story… and it’s even better when you know exactly where and who it came from. It allows you to feel close to them again and there’s nothing better.


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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