OOTD: scissor fright

This is a moody appreciation post for this awesome navy dress I snagged over a year ago at Twice Round Vintage in west Asheville. I’m always obsessed with these goofy over the top doily collars you find  on SO many 80s gems, but the dresses themselves are always WAY too long and I don’t love altering vintage finds. I’ll do it if it’s vital to saving a garment, but taking scissors to old clothing just makes me feel like I’m murdering history a little. Dramatic, I know, but I can’t help it!

So just imagine the delight in my short lil 5’2 soul when I saw this dress on the rack! When I inspected the hem it was clear that a good amount of the dress had been hacked off but outwardly the job was done very neatly, so I was sold. So thank you, whoever you are, that had the balls to do what I could not because I have ended up absolutely loving it. It’s got me thinking more about giving certain dresses a chance through alteration because let’s face it… just because it’s vintage doesn’t always make it cute. Certain silhouettes should have probably stayed buried and it’s a lot less likely for these pieces to be saved, sold, or even worn at all. So, perhaps I will be more open minded to altered vintage fashion (within reason…!!), especially if it could help save more clothing and aid in the great and wonderful recycle, reuse, repurpose life cycle.


Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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