IMG_4326 (1)IMG_4338 (1)IMG_4340 (1)‘Twas a gloomy, rain-filled day in Asheville. But, it was also the absolute perfect time to pull out this amazing, wondrous, fairy-tale of a coat-dress. It is 1960s, made by Seaton Enterprises, Ltd and usually hangs inside my closet door where I can gaze at it longingly. Often through my tears with a sweet – albeit, intense – admiration. It’s the kind of piece that sends those torturous pangs of longing to your very core – WHY are you so perfect?? but also WHY are you so impractical? also WHY was I born in the wrong era and WHY oh WHY am I cursed to never know first-hand the world where THIS was in its’ heyday. It makes you forsake your sanity and clutch it screaming TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER, SHOW ME THIS BETTER WORLD.
I’m sure other vintage lovers understand this feeling…      right?
Clearly this piece – like many vintage garments tend to be – is truly transcendent and it really does warm my very heart and soul, both literally and figuratively. It weighs a ton though (as you can likely imagine, I mean, have you SEEN all those stones and beads?) and it’s also quite delicate due to age so it isn’t every day that I get to wear it. Admittedly, it also tends to rip out about 1/3 of my hair at every head turn, so there’s also that.
But in all seriousness this is quite literally the coat of my dreams.  It has a very 1960s British-meets-1760s-French royalty feel that is hard to come by, though highly sought after by the likes of me! I stumbled upon it by accident on one of my many online vintage searching black hole adventures that occur from time-to-time, and what a happy accident it was. It was truly love at first sight. Well, love at first click-enlarge-zoom around gawking at the details, then quickly purchase-wait intensely by the window-with eyes fixed on the mailbox… sight. 🙂
Alongside my very favorite black victorian boots and long braid, I felt very much at home amongst the pitter-patter of rain, the grey skies and the extra rain-boosted-greenery that made a welcome appearance this February day.

Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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