Thrifting is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite past times. It not only requires patience (lots, and LOTS of patience) but also a very creative and discriminating eye. I think that’s what I love most about it – one blouse or skirt will send my mind to a thousand different places, thinking of the many ways I could style it or the many people I could become wearing it – but on the other hand you have to know when to simply say no to certain garments that you know you’ll never wear (and SHOULDN’T wear). Like, neutral lace blouse is great. Hand crocheted bright orange wrap around vest, not so much. No matter HOW fun it is and no matter HOW many times you pick it back up, the important thing is you put it back down. And leave it. Forever. Just stop thinking about it already!IMG_4242IMG_4260IMG_4262IMG_4274

It’s basically the ultimate dress-up challenge and truly, I can’t get enough.
Yesterday I scored this amazing lace blouse at a local thrift shop and it immediately sent me into some seriously romantic 1970s vibes. It also presents the perfect opportunity to wear these Poetic Licence pumps (that pop of blue just kills me!), so I’m a happy girl.

Not only is thrifting fun and affordable… it’s also an environmentally friendly way to re-stock your closet. There are of course many things I buy new, but I do try to buy as many items second-hand as I can. It’s one more way that we can reduce waste – and look good doing it.



Author: The Girl Phantom

Adventures in vintage-inspired fashion

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